Our Patents

We are percussive therapy

Professional-grade percussive therapy combines the science of our 16 mm muscle treatment depth at a frequency of 40 percussions per second - the essential pairing required to relieve pain, improve range of motion, enhance performance, and accelerate recovery. The Theragun G3PRO uses these two principles to speak to your body in a language it can understand.

We spend a significant amount of time, money, and resources each year on research and development to create innovative new products and accessories. We then extensively test them with medical professionals, physical therapists, chiropractors, and trainers to ensure its efficacy. We do not commercialize any products that are unable to meet our high standards. As a result of this significant investment, we have launched 3 commercialized generations of the Theragun since 2016. We have also developed an industry-leading 6 attachments to provide customizable, targeted treatments.

Our engineering efforts over the last two years led to the creation of a fully redesigned proprietary gearbox and state-of-the-art mechanical structure; as a result, we reduced the noise level of the G3PRO by 50% compared to the G2PRO, without sacrificing our strict performance standards. We have filed numerous patents and trademarks around the world to protect our intellectual property. We have received the following patents and trademarks and are awaiting the issuance of a number of additional ones.



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Dampener AmpBIT

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Standard and Large Ball AmpBIT

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Wedge Attachment

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Thumb Attachment

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Cone Attachment

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Standard Ball Attachment

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Large Ball Attachment

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Dampener Attachment

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SuperSoft Attachment

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PRO Charging Stand

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Elite Charging Stand

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Prime Charging Stand

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G3PRO Charging Stand

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G3 Charging Stand

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liv Charging Stand

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Prime Charging Stand

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Pro Motor

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Elite/Prime Motor

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mini Motor

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Duo (Adapter)

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Attachment System

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Pitchfork Attachment

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